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 Dates inserted with Names means that these dates are reserved and no longer available for rent.

  Dates that remain blank having no price are not available for rent.


           Prices or Names in Red means that the contract went out in the mail, but I did not receive the deposit back along with the signed lease agreement. These dates are tentatively reserved for a limited amount of time and shall be placed back up for rent if I do not receive the deposit and signed lease agreement by the specific date of execution. Feel free to request these dates or contact me with questions regarding a pending date in red.
            Prices in Green are available for rent. Green prices are not negotiable and subject to change without notice. Season rental purchases differ. If you have interest in a date not listed, feel free to contact me. Check out time is 10:30AM.  


Dates 4619 1st Floor 4619 2nd Floor 4617 Unit A 4617 Unit B
 05/01/21 - 11/15/21 Renting will be available shortly  under renovation   Renting is suspended for this unit only in 2021  Renting will be available shortly  Renting will be available shortly
Licensed to Rent by The City of Brigantine




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