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The Cancellation Policy


In the event of cancellation by the tenant, the owner shall make every effort to re-rent the property. Any advertising costs shall be the tenant's responsibility. The advertising costs shall not be deducted from the rental deposit. If the owner is unable to re-rent the property, the tenant shall lose the rental deposit. If the owner is able to re-rent the property, the tenant shall receive the rental deposit back minus a $7.00 processing fee.

This is the standard cancellation policy that is on every summer rental lease agreement. Off season weekends and winter reservations differ. Feel free to contact me for specific details with regard to cancellation during off season weekends and winter reservations. You will be expected to sign and initial upon the terms above if you plan to reserve a prime time summer reservation. It is important that you and your family are certain on the dates that you have reserved. A $100.00 security deposit is placed on every summer rental reservation. Once you have made a reservation, we will be holding a deposit. We do realize that unexpected events may occur prior to the beginning day of your rental that would cause you to cancel a summer reservation ( sickness, funerals, deaths in the family, finances, etc. ), however, the cancellation policy is strictly enforced. We will work with you and do are very best in changing the dates of your stay, and/or trying to find another renter to occupy the week/weeks that you have reserved. We have a long list of Email addresses from previous renters that have rented from us in the past that may be interested in renting your week/weeks. The overwhelming demand for summer rental year after year causes us to turn business away each summer. Re-booking a reservation usually is not a problem having adequate time. We have even re-booked new reservations in the past having less then one day notice. Don't wait to the last minute to notify us of your cancellation ! Increase the chances of receiving your rental deposit back by notifing us as soon as possible of your cancellation.

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